Family Third Party Liability

raspundere civila a familiei fata de terti asigurare raspundere civila a familiei fata de terti

You don’t have a home insurance that contains also civil liability? You must take into consideration that you will always be responsible for your own or your children’s actions. Also, don’t forget about the assets or pets that belong to you.

A few exemples
  • You are in a restaurant and accidentally you spill your hot tea on the gentleman next to you.
  • You child breaks some plates in a store.
  • Your dog gets loose on the street and a driver has to avoid collision with it and drives the car in a neighbor’s fence.

These may seems like ordinary events but you can be held accountable for any body or material damages may occur from them. For sure, an apology just won’t do. With a private civil liability insurance, any unpleasant financial consequences for you or your family would be avoided.

We offer you coverage for your entire family. Family represents the persons included in the household and are living with you: husband/wife, children, parents, relatives, etc. If you want, you can also extend your civil liability coverage with persons that work at your home (babysitters, maids). Don’t forget that even the babysitter can forget the water tap open, causing a flood all the way to your neighbors.

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