Natural Persons

Family Third Party Liability

raspundere civila a familiei fata de terti asigurare raspundere civila a familiei fata de terti

You don't have a home insurance that contains also civil liability? You must take into consideration that you will always be responsible for your own or your children's actions. Also, don't forget about the assets...

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Dangerous and Agressive Dogs

asigurare pentru caini periculosi

The Dangerous and Aggressive Dogs civil liability insurance comes in completion with the laws in Romania regarding the ownership of dogs. Thus, owners of dangerous dog breeds have to close a civil liability insurance policy for...

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Professional civil liability

asigurare de raspundere civila profesionala asigurare pentru raspundere civila profesionala

Who needs a malpractices insurance? The main purpose of this insurance is the compensate any parties in case of negligence when at work, by practitioners of professions that offer consulting or offer a specialized service....

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Travel Insurance

asigurare de calatorie asigurare calatorie asigurare pentru calatorie

If you are planning a vacation or you're going abroad with business, it would be best to pack your travel insurance, so that, in case of any accident or sickness, you are covered with all...

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Home Insurance

asigurare de locuinta asigurare de casa asigurare locuinta

Starting 2015, you can get a optional home insurance only if you have a mandatory home insurance policy. Key elements for the optional home insurance Insured amount - the value to which the home is...

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asigurare pensie pensii private pensii facultative fond de pensii

Joining a private pension fund is an individual option that will complete your earnings after retirement, and DESTINE ASIG BROKER ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE can help you make appropriate choice for your financial future. Accession criteria In order...

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CASCO Insurance

casco auto asigurare casco

DESTINE ASIG BROKER ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE can always advise you on the risks your car is exposed to and can recommend you to buy appropriate protection tailored to your specific needs and budget by quickly and efficiently...

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Health Insurance

asigurare de sanatate asigurare privata de sanatate asigurari de sanatate private

A private health insurance is an effective option to benefit from medical services to superior quality standards of those offered by the public health system. DESTINE ASIG BROKER ASIGURARE-REASIGURARE can help you access an extensive...

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Life Insurance

asigurare de viata asigurare pentru viata asigurari de viata asigurarea de viata asigurarile de viata

Life insurance is considered to be the most altruist product of your financial planning, because the one that insures his life usually is doing this for the benefit of the family, out of concern. Life...

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